A business is only as successful as the relationships that power it.

As an advertising and brand writer with over 14 years experience working with companies and organizations like Target, Mercy Corps, Levis, and Nike, I use my expertise in both branding and counseling to help companies better understand and evolve their business relationships, leadership and culture so they can function better. I also help brands to find, embrace and express their purpose.

I believe every brand has a reason for being that goes beyond their product or service and that—like people—when brands are actualized, like-minded thinkers flock to them.

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How it works

Every business and organization is unique. I start the process with a 75-minute consultation to get a better understanding of your business or organization’s goals and needs. A follow-up report will include my learnings from the consultation and recommendations on moving forward.

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Including but not limited to: counseling after transition or loss, organizational culture assessment, culture-building exercises, cultural org chart, relational analysis, brand counseling, brand narrative exploration, owning your brand story workshops, leadership coaching, conflict resolution, diversity training, values assessment, executive coaching.

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My hourly rate for consulting is $250. Recommendations from the consultation report will include estimates of hours and cost, should you decide to move forward.